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O ring Groove Dimensions

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    I need to find the dimensions for O ring grooves for different size o rings, for static, dynamic and face sealing. Does anyone have a web link for these for BS and/or ISO metric dimensions. All the ones i can find are subscription ones.

    Many thanks

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    Parker seals have an excellent O ring guide with their catalogue
    Go to parker.com -> literature -> o rings (it's a Javascript thing you can't link to)

    For special/very large o rings they make to order so call them about availability before you start designing the massive vacuum chamber.
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    That is bloody marvellous! Its about 100 time better than i need, and i never would have found it by myself! Thank you very much!
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    When you get seals that are hard to get to make sure to consider dove-tail O-ring grooves. I did this on a piston valve and it does wonders. Also, for vacuum applications, make sure that the seating surfaces are nicely polished. Mainly scratches across the groove are bad. Also use Dow Vacuum Grease.
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