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O utopia: superconductors for transmission lines globally?

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    o:) utopia: superconductors for transmission lines globally?

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    i want to develop a model ,entailing all the parameters required to transmitt power using SUPERCONDUCTORS .
    IF ANYBODY CAN HELP ME PLEEZE POST THE NUMERICAL DATA REGD THE SAME ,this will be highly acknowledged by me
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    I dunno about the "globally" part. You need to keep the conductor in liquid nitrogen to get the superconducting effect. At least for now, anyway. Hopefully the researchers will keep increasing the critical temperature -- room temp superconductivity would be awesome, eh?

    Here's a link to get you started....

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    thanks dude,butt///

    i ve done quite a thing on this topic and also dont found any thing relevantly usefull regd d sub ,becoz in transmission the recieving and sending end voltages will b zero causing zero line current which inturn will cutt out the amount of conductor used ,butt still i am not done with creating a clear pic of the case depicting the Zbus and transients and the line parameters ie T ,cross etc and also i am failed in creating transfer matrix.
    dude by globbaly i wanna know that whether in ane part of thr world we r using superconductors for the same/////////
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