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Oak island.

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    This has been absolutely fascinating to me ever since I heard about it. It really astounds me to see the legnths that someone has gone to in order to protect whatever lies at the bottom of this pit. The engineering is quite astounding.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I can't make heads or tails of it. I saw something about this on TV a couple years ago, and I don't even have an inkling of what it's about.
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    Well they can't really be positive that there is a treasure ofcourse. Is there any possible reason for any one to have placed these objects there buried in layers like that? Something to do with the ground water possibly?
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    I also saw the tv show about it. They're only speculating there could be some treasure, but what could be the purpose? Talk about overkill. How were the original builders going to get back into this shaft, if indeed they wanted to?

    Maybe something's down there that isn't supposed to ever be dug up. :bugeye:
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    pandoras box :confused:
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    The videos of the original star trek
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    and it's called a jackhammer
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    The strongest suspicion I had about it was that this must be one of those insane constructions by someone who was out of their mind, like the guy who made stuff out of coral, or the guy who spent his whole life digging a pefectly useless tunnel through a mountain out west here all by himself.
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    It was devised by an engineer who did not wish to risk his valuables before field testing his design. The real treasure is still in his root celler loosely covered by burlap sacks and a coil of rope.
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    I bet it's Richard Simmons. STOP DIGGING NOW!!! :rofl:
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    I don't get this...is this supposed to be true, or a story or something?
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    That immediately reminds me of the wall used to seal the Gog and Magog by the two horned one.
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    Yes, Yomamma, there is an Oak Island.

    Most people believe the pit contains Blackbeard's treasure. A few coins and artifacts have been recovered. But nothing definitive.
    An alternative theory connects it to the Earl Sinclair of Orkney, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. Supposedly the Earl came exploring, following some old tales/sagas, and the Templar treasure was buried on Oak Island. Before you ask, yes these are the Sinclairs of Rothesay Chapel, as featured in the Davinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail. (cue spooky music)
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