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Obama and nuclear power.

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    Obama has issued loan guarantees to build two new nuke plants. Anyone know what kind of plants they will build? Are we really going to finally restart the American nuclear industry?
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    Yes, the American Nuclear Industry is being restarted. The reactors that are being licensed are the AP 1000, a pressurized water reactor.

    Here is some more information.


    However, there is currently an issue between Westinghouse and the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) regarding the seismic requirements for the containment building.

    More about that here.


    The USA location for the first of these reactors is Plant Vogtle located in Georgia.

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    The nuclear industry never stopped, although construction of NPPs did take a hiatus as of ~1980.

    Current plans are for modern Gen 3/3+ LWRs. The AP1000, APWR and EPR are designed around ~14 ft 17x17 fuel, which would be compatable with current 17x17 PWRs.

    GEH and Toshiba each offer an ABWR, and GEH has an innovative ESBWR, which uses natural circulation in the PV, although feedwater is forced (pumped).

    There are various modular designs being offered.

    And DOE has an advanced reactor program (Gen IV), with some exotic concepts.
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    Don't forget the Hitachi APWR! It's a behemoth 1700 Mwe :tongue2:
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    I haven't seen it offered in the US. There is no DCA at the NRC at this time.
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    There are 3 AP1000 reactors already under construction in China and the first one is scheduled to go online in 2013, so we will be able to take advantage of the Chinese learning curve. The reactors are actually rated at 1250MWe because of improvements in the turbines and generators.

    From what I've read, China is going to build a 1400Mwe prototype soon using the AP1000 and there are plans to build 1700MWe version using things like annular fuel technology.

    http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf63.html" [Broken]
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