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Obama - changes

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    This article really gives me hope that we are going to see a lot of the negative changes that Bush made reversed.

    I hope that the Republicans aren't going to fight him tooth and nail on everything. I'm referring to
    I don't necessarily see that as a good thing when you consider the changes that Obama wants to bring about. Serving as a "check and balance" is one thing, serving as a means of continuing what we have seen happen the last eight years, no.

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    I agree completely. Let's hope that it will be a case of "check and balance" that includes conscious thought and reason and not just a teenage-type stubbornness in refusing every proposal out of principle and without merit.
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    I think the danger that the Republicans face in being a "check" is in not being obstructionists.

    To the extent that they stand in the way of successful programs their balance may only be a check to themselves.
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    The Californians have been in this "check and balance" mumbo-jumbo since the beginning of summer, when the budget was already overdue... We still don't have a budget to this day...
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