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News Obama in India

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    On Day 2 India parades Russian tanks in front of Obama.
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    What role might India play in Afghanistan?
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    If you want a military ally in Asia (Japan is pacifist) it better be either China or India. At this point Obama might think India is his better shot.
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    I don't recall India cooperating militarily either in Iraq or Afghanistan but for some reason US might be ditching Pakistan for India to maintain security in Afghanistan? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/31/w...resees-continued-support-for-afghanistan.html
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    That includes the nuclear deal that was signed on the first day of the visit.
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    Or vice versa. After Mumbai, India has much at stake and would find US intelligence of high value. And who would be India's indispensable ally if China becomes aggressive in the future.
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    The Chinese media downplays the threat.
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    China and India may have been historically "at odds" with one another, and may still be, but geographical barriers have prevented both from anything more than unsuccessful attempts to influence/dominate areas of Indo-China.
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