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News Obama's Grandmother Dies

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    Usually, when an elderly person dies after living a good, long life, it's sad but not tragic. But this is tragic - she died just a few hours too soon.

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    I'm pretty sure it wouldn't make a difference in how proud she was of him anyway.
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    Maybe she just wanted to see her grandson as president of US before she dies and Obama wanted to show her the same... too sad :(

    I know it's not for sure that Obama would win but she was his grandmother and was sure anyway that he would win regardless of any evidence.
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    It was a good thing he got to visit her before she left us.

    I feel sorry for him to have such sorrow at a time he should be so happy.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    His grandmother was able to cast her vote for Barack, and it will count.

    I am sure that she died knowing [convinced] that Barack would win.
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    Oh. Man. And someone yesterday was bellyaching about another elderly person casting a death bed vote and how that was so open to election fraud. Think someone must have forged her vote for Obama too?

    As to her knowing he would win ... let's see the 270 first.

    I feel like Cuba Gooding in Jerry McGuire wanting to say: Show me the Votes. SHOW ME THE VOTES.
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