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Object rotating on string

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    An object with mass M is whirled with constant speed v on the end of a string in a horizontal circle of radius R. the string makes an angle, (theta) with the horizontal. The tension of the string is T.

    Find the tension of the string in terms of any of the given variables and g.

    Please help, Im lost with this problem

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    Tension is a vector. Draw a vector diagram of the Tension acting at an angle. Then you can split it into mutually perpendicular vectors. Then go from there.

    (That horizontal circle confuses me a bit)
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    Draw a FBD of the object. Then F_H=ma
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    See, i need to find out when the angle of the string is x degrees below horizontal, what would the tension be?
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    Oh, and srry, i do realize now this is in the wrong area :)
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