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Objective article about physics/engineering in development

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    Well, I've been asked by a local newspaper to write an objective article about physics/engineering in development. Pretty broad, huh? Well, I live in a small town, so there's nothing here to talk about, other than the MINOS neutrino detector in my state. But it's supposed to be more worldy, I guess.

    So, I ask you the most broad question ever: what interesting developments are being made in physics/engineering?

    some things I thought of:
    -new underwater 'fish lung' to replace O2 tanks?
    - http://www.international-spaceplane-program.org/pages/1/index.htm [Broken] ?
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    Just on a bit of a tangent why not use the MINOS neutrino detector as your start point, and talk around the duscoveries and parts of physcis that that detector is linked to. Then also, as there are MINOS projects in Japan and Europe you could make links with those.

    Jsut my 2 Cents!

    1 question, the MINOS dectector is in Minnosota isn't it?

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    Yeah. I read about it in the star tribune (biggest paper in MN) and I just thought "Hey, cool!"
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You might consider nano-technology. Here are a few links that I've used. You could look at "smart materials" as well.

    Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

    http://www.evidenttech.com/applications/quantum-dot-solar-cells.php [Broken]

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