Objective of life !

  1. Is there a criteria to set you objectives of life ?:smile:
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  3. Psychologically speaking, yes. Social Role theory dictates a very obvious and average life style. Quite simply,(i'll skip a few years since I'm pretty sure you'll get the overall idea) you graduate from college, get a job, get married (or vice versa), have kids etc. This basic, avarage life style is often depicted in movies, and tv.
  4. Yes: If you want something, go for it.

    "Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you're still among the stars."
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    Fun ?
  6. Of course there is. It's my motto posted at the end of every post I make here. However, I will add that if someone is shooting at you, its better to zig zag than run in circles. :0)
  7. Didn't someone say it was to accelerate entropy in the universe?
  8. It would differ for each person, but the old saying, follow your dreams, seems to work out even when it doesn't work out.
    For me I haven't found any other direction as rewarding as intellectualism,
    or the pursuit of improving one's intellect; it seems like the more one improves their mind the more the world seems to enrich and deepen in complexity and simplicity, because the way one views the world is a reflection of their mind. But that's just me I'm sure there are lots of other objectives just as or more rewarding, but in my experience if a dream is way out of reach as to be virtually impossible then it's better to go for more attainable dreams first, the one's way out are likely to leave us feeling helpless and all are efforts futile, on the other hand making a few modest dreams come true can encourage us to pursue others.
  9. Oh, okay then! If it isn't a scientific explanation...
    I believe the object of success has been what has been mostly specified. Is that what the object of life is, success? I know it is a silly question; I have been told, all my life "be successful". But how about people in the past (thousands of years ago, that is) when all they had to work for was food, shelter, the basics? What was their object of life?
    Other than that, here are a few pointers for success (that I take refuge in):
    "No one can put you down without your consent"- I believe Elenor(sp?) Rosevelt said this.
    Also, "The world is what you make of it"
    And what I always keep in mind is that you get what you work for, and always try and never give up. If you know someone else can do it, then you can as well.
  10. Objectives for life?

    My submission:

    Non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati.

    (Not for ourselves but for the whole world were we born.)

  11. Where is alexander, btw?
  12. life is not yours

    I think that life and the way you chose to live it, is not your own work... you have to live as the others would accept and appreciate yout. it is a disaster and very egoist I think...
  13. Evolution has determined the aim of life for the majority: to raise children.

    Whether you choose to accept or ignore this aim is up to you.
  14. what an approach?....
  15. that it brings you freedom, friendship and thought (go epicure!)
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