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Objects disappearing

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    i am a complete ignorant in quantum physics, still from what i have heard i've wondered the following: is it possible for an object to just disappear out of nothing? Or move from a place to another our of nothing? If it could it would mean that we cannot perform calculations in a determinist way, since i couldn't say 4 balls plus 4 balls equals 8 balls, what if tomorrow i count again and i have 7?
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    No, there are conservation laws that prevent that.
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    And it is valid to say that math can only exist because of these laws?
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    I think perhaps you might need to explain your "out of nothing" statement. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean without an apparent cause? Because correlating "out of nothing" to the "hopping" of quantum systems doesn't really make any sense, at least to me.
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