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Oblique triangles

  1. Aug 28, 2007 #1
    Any Help ?

    Solve the following right triangle by logarithms :

    A= 28°30', b= 18.3 units

    and solve the following oblique triangles, too :

    1)a= 31, b= 15, c = 17

    2) a=23.47, B= 115°30', C = 20° 29'

    I have already done my calculations but I need a check !

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    Ok, well for the first one I don't know what it means firstly by "solve the triangle" and secondly by "by logarithms."

    Again, for the other triangles, I don't know what you mean by solve-- do you mean find all the sides, or angles, or a few of the angles or what?

    Finally, you should note that if you want work checking, you should show your work and answers-- we do not do homework for students here.
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    what Laws would you use to solve these triangles? so you have done your calculations, post them and we'll check'em!
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    I don't know how you expect us to check your work when you don't show any!

    If you expect people to give solutions so you can "check" against your work, that isn't going to happen!
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