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I Observable Universe Size in Different Perspectives

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    I've made an explicit explanation of my point:

    SB>“if it is not provable then it is matter of assumption what is totally fine to make, pretty much the same as with different kind of multiverses if such assumptions help some brains to construct theories with better predictive power then it definitely has its merits... ”

    You are definitely free to make your “implicit” interpretations I just see no relation to my point to discuss.

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    What is "provable" depends on what assumptions you start with. You start with the assumption "anything we can't observe we have to take on faith"--but that requires you to also assume that the laws of physics suddenly change at the boundary of our observable universe, for no apparent reason. Only with that additional assumption--which violates Occam's Razor as well as common sense--can you say it isn't "provable" that there is more to the universe than the part we can directly observe.

    Whereas I start from the assumption "the laws of physics stay the same everywhere", which allows me to prove immediately that they don't change at the boundary of our observable universe for no apparent reason, and therefore there is more to the universe than the part we can directly observe.

    In other words, your apparent belief that only I have to make "assumptions" and you don't, in order to support our respective viewpoints, is not correct.

    Perhaps the above will help to explain its relevance.
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    Thanks, That is what I thought.

    Some of the other answers were confusing, at least to me.
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