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Observation,From quantum locality to Macro Domain

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    Does a Quantum System know about an observer before the Observer can know about the Quantum System?

    Quantum domains are small, Macro Domains are larger,so when one looks from a Macro Domain to one that is smaller(Quantum) one first has to locate the Quantum System to be observed, then because of the observation laws, ie..HUP there are only certain measures one can do, and one has to do these independantly.

    If one reverse's the process, where the Quantum 'measures' the Macro System/Observer..one finds that the imprecise measure from:Macro to Quantum domains..gets reversed into:Quantum to Macro system measure always involves certainty?

    Its easier for small entities to locate larger entities, by default.

    The HUP law cannot be valid for the measure from Quantum Locality to Macro Locality..the direction of where you measure from must have a baring on paramiters of certainty against Uncertainty, can this be possible?
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    Before asking if the HUP is invalidated, what do you really understand about the HUP?

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    Perhaps you may like to start by defining your definition of Scale in context to Magnitude? :rolleyes:
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    If you are only able to answer questions with another question, it will be difficult to understand your initial question.

    My question is very precise (I think, in the context of this forum). While your initial question and this subsequent one is not very clear (in my modest opinion).
    If you do not want to provide some explanations when we ask you, it is your freedom, however do not be surprised in not getting an answer.

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