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Observer Characteristics

  1. Apr 29, 2004 #1
    What follows is my attempt to make a comprehensive list of properties that observers and observation exhibit. Please add your own, or critique those already there.

    Observer Characteristics

    1. An observer increases its accessible spectrum over time

    2. An observer increases memory information over time

    3. An observer communicates/interacts through observation

    4. Observer number is unconserved

    5. Observers maximize near entropy minimum

    6. An observer is favored by maximal information

    7. An observer is defined by all possible observer perspectives

    8. An observer exists in comparatively isolated communities

    9. Observer communities tend to consolidate over time

    10. An observer is alive and sentient

    11. An observer is a quantum/classical hybrid

    12. Observers exist through selection by/for optimum observation (Anthropic principle)

    13. Observations are replicable

    14. Self-observation is possible

    15. Observation can be correspondently quantum or classical

    16. Observation is selective

    17. Observation may be intervened by a measuring instrument

    18. Observation is limited by relativistic event horizons and Planck action

    19. Observables include all properties inherent to the observer

    20. Scale of observation ranges from photon- to graviton-mediated

    21. Observation obeys the postulates of quantum mechanics
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