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Medical Obsessive compulsion?

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    Ugh god I think I may have obsessive compulsion disorder..Im not exactly sure what the disease is but from what I've read (very little) and seen (in movies :tongue:), you have an obsession to do things over and over...Well I happen to be like that. Since 4th grade Ive always had a thing for doing things over and over and over and over...and now it seems to have gotten worse. Apparently I have to touch the ends of things. If I dont I go absolutely crazy and I think of touching that certain thing I was thinking of touching. Then I have to touch it again. And again. Right now it seems like my obsession is touching the corners of whatever has a corner. Right now its my laptop keyboard and Im touching the damn corner of this thing every 10 seconds...Does this fit the symptoms? Is there any kind of cure for this crap? It gets unbelievably annoying I cant stand it anymore.
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    I think you already know our answer...ask your doctor. I'm going to lock this thread, because you haven't asked for anything we can actually answer for you here. You would need to see a psychiatrist for such a diagnosis. If you would like to start another discussion on obsessive-compulsive disorder with the goal of learning more about the disorder, that would be fine, but understand that we cannot diagnose you here, and attempts at self-diagnosis can be quite flawed. (Most medical students go through a phase when they start to think they have some disorder they are studying at the time because they are spending so much time thinking about those specific symptoms and have not yet seen enough actual cases to know how to interpret the bigger picture yet.)
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