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Obtaining the certificate

  1. Oct 27, 2009 #1
    Today I want to ask you an important issue is the subject of the certificate, education, and a way to get this certificate.

    We observe today a lot of talented people in various fields of knowledge in the world want to get the certificate, but they can not because of the conditions existing and required to obtain this certificate and these conditions are not much to do with or no effect or detrimental to the domain of science, who wants to respect which that person. For example, in physics, for me and where I live now in Baghdad, if go to any university in Baghdad now, they will want me the sixth secondary certificate first, and they want me to come to college every day in order to get a BSc's degree, but I can obtain this certificate the duration of estimated year or year and a half since I was 17 years old now and with that there are some articles in the physics I know has more information in the course material for undergraduate where I like physics and mathematics and very studying them throughout the day, and there are others like me and suffer the same problem and this problem also facing the elderly in my country can not advance to obtain a master's degree to get it if he was over 45 years knowing that he holds a bachelor's degree. And there are other people like me can succeed with distinction in exams of BSc and other certificates in the world and ready to study more and more if needed. I hope members and professionals to interact with this objective and we all stand to solve this problem in order to serve humanity. I ask who knows what supports this issue or know a University of deals this system to be asking that everyone benefits, because if we could not resolve this problem we will waste a lot of talent and experience and does not benefit from them.
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