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Obtaining the identity

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    yes well I got the last problem.....but I still wanna have an idea were the identity siny+sinx=2sin(x+y)/2cos(x+y)/2 came from please someone sort of explain plz! thanx
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    what you wrote is not an identity consider x=y=pi/2
    sin pi/2+sin pi/2=2
    2sin pi/2 cos pi/2=0
    do you mean
    if so
    start on the left by writing
    then expand using
    add like terms
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    back to the root


    Make sure that you understand why

    cos(a-b) = cos(a) cos(b) + sin(a) sin(b)

    and that you can illustrate the meaning of this formula with a drawing.

    Many other formulas can be derived form the previous by algebra and by other simple trigonometric rules (likes cos(-b)=cos(b), sin(-b)=-sin(b), cos(pi-b)=-cos(b), ... all rules that can be illustrated by a drawing too.).

    So the picture is: a few simple principles and definitions, enough algebra, and you are on your own.
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