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Obversion in Venn Diagrams

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    I am studying Obversion for the first time in terms of Venn Diagrams. I'm am struggling to understand the conventions.

    Obversion requires two steps: (1)The quality must be changed. (2)The predicate is replaced with it's complement.

    Before I go on, I want to point out two types of statments that create the problem for me in understanding Obversion.

    There are two ways A, E, I, and O statments can be written. (1)The subject and the predicate are both subjects. (2)The subject and predicate of the statements are a subject and a class.

    Example A type:
    (1)Dogs are Humans. (Subject, Subject)
    (2)Dogs are in the class Human. (Subject, Class)

    (I consider the copula the determiner of quality and have highlighted it.)

    Now here is (2) example in the Obverse:

    (2)Dogs are not in the class non-Human. (Subject, Class)

    Here's the problem:

    In the example in my book, the Venn Diagram puts the dogs in the class of humans. Non-Humans is the class containing Dogs. Saying Dogs are not in their own class is all I see the Obverse form saying. How do I see the inference they are in the human class in the Obverse form?
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    Check out http://www.sirus.com/users/mjake/StringTh.html [Broken] You'll see him post around in the string forum and might have some answers for you?

    I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but in regards to the future, how would we write the programs that would deal with the nature of consciousness? If such a TOE, is to exist, it must some how explain this?

    http://superstringtheory.com/forum/dualboard/messages14/214.html [Broken]

    If we understood the diagrams and logic demonstrated here, what value could we have assigned A(child)B(adult)C(Parent)

    If A is represented by O

    If B is represented by O

    If C is represented by O

    How would you define the actions, when All three overlap, or two over lap and one remains by itself?

    Probabilsitic detrminations under statistical analysis, can be detailed in Fuzzy logic to have recognized that three factors must be consider here, that under the heading of true or false, the third result, is the adult?

    The adult then, in the calculation would have been detailed, under this heading.

    In cryptology the simultaneous function is realized in this interaction? Three photon entanglement now five?

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    I checked out the web page. It's a webpage on string theory. I am only studying Venn Diagrams for the first time in relation to introductory logic vs. Venn diagrams in string theory. Thanks, but taking on a new discipline (string theory) while trying to learn Venn Diagrams will be too cumbersome.
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