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Obvious Result Wrong in Matlab

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    clear all;
    syms x
    %t=linspace(0, pi);

    f=@(x) exp(-x).*cos(2*x)

    h1=ezplot(f,[ 0, pi]); %plots the function f


    My output gives me:

    f =


    ans =

    But, the real answer is 0.

    I'm clueless. Please, help.
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    Your result is equivalent to zero within the precision of double precision floating point arithmetic.
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    Ok. Could you explain me, how to read 2.7918e-017?
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    2.7918 \times 10^{-17} = 1.000000011_{2} \times 2^{-55}
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    It's [itex]2.7918\times10^{-17}[/itex], which is an order of magnitude less than the minimum number representable under double precision, which is of the order 10-16. This value is called the machine epsilon, and you can find it using the MATLAB eps command.
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    Thank you.
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    If you're interested in floating point arithmetic, most computers conform to the IEEE754 standard.
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    Thank you, I'll take a look.
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