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OCD and Depression

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    Hello PF

    First a bit about my illness. I have been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder since I was 18 (I am 23 now).

    The first few years were unbelievably painful and difficult to carry on, and very risky and dangerous (too many suicidal thoughts, sometimes 100+ suicidal thoughts a day).
    Although at some point I attempted to end that sad painful meaningless life, I could not, I had to come back for the people who love and care for me and thinking about my duties and responsibilities towards them and society.

    Fortunately I got treatment, passed those scary days and now have NO intention to give up my life. Although I am a lot better now and much recovered but depression is still there and does not seem to go away. It's difficult, I still suffer, but I got used to it.

    Okay, here are my questions :
    1. What causes depression?
    2. What happens inside the brain of a person suffering from depression?
    3. Is depression linked with OCD? I developed OCD few months prior to my depression. I have a strong feeling my OCD someway lead to depression.
    4. Does depression totally go away?
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    I am not a professional in this field of course. But just as a fellow human being, I congratulate you on overcoming as you seem to have done. You seem to have triumphed, with some treatment, over your worst depression.

    Please take care of yourself. Realize that you are not alone, and always seek help if you need it.

    Best wishes!
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    Thanks, @Aufbauwerk 2045 .

    There is not much more to say. For short:
    Nobody knows for sure.
    There are several potential causes and also several partly connected neurological processes involved.
    It can be linked. That one causes the other cannot be proven. But they occasionally come in pairs. E.g. Prozac can be prescribed in both cases.
    This depends on causes and treatment. Both is possible.

    This is a vast field of research of which we probably don't have the expertise to talk about in a qualified manner. The more as there are no final results as of today. In any case, I definitely advice you to consult a doctor and ask him about it, because he can better tell what's it about in your special case and prescribe you a appropriate drugs.

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