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Ocean colonization

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    Will we ever colonize the oceans?
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    I certainly hope not. We do enough damage as it is now.
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    We will.
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    Yep and we have already done this. I.e. Dubai palm island or whatever it's called there are a few more of them now I think too not sure.

    As Evo said though we probably shouldn't considering how much damage we do to the enviorments we live around but it's not exactly like we can stop them :tongue:. It'll take a while for us to be able to see what effects this will have on the biodiversity of the surrounding areas. They have however been sinking wrecks which do help promote diversity and help reef expansion but we will have to wait and see what effect the construction and everything else that comes with the island living will do to the area.

    I personally have my doubts that the diversity will increase, coral areas around dubai have been in a continuous decline. The marine reef systems are extremely fragile enviroments. I was going to set-up a saltwater aquarium but decided not to for now after learning about all the effort required :tongue:.
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