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Ocean currents Q

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    Hello everyone, first post on this forum...

    Recently I've been trying to understand how ocean currents work from a general perspective. While studying, an intrigueing question popped up in my mind, and I haven't been able to let it go unanswered. It is simply:

    If the Earth was a completely smooth, ocean covered sphere (but otherwise unchanged), how would the ocean currents flow?

    I think that answering this Q might help one to understand what makes all the world's real ocean currents tick. Any suggestion?


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    I don't think they would - I thought the main currents were driven by salinity differences as fresh water enters at the pole ( at least for the northern hemisphere )
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    Surface currents: from equator N & S (plus coriolis E) to higher latitudes; once heat loss by radiation exceeds that absorbed from solar radiation, the water sinks, then flows from the poles toward the equator (again, plus coriolis W).
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