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Ocean Engineering

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    I have been advised by some helpful PF folks that Ocean Engineering might be a good path for someone like me who is interested in engineering but wants to maintain a connection to nature and the ocean. A friend who is a PhD at Scripps in San Diego says that more than anything they need engineers at places like this, so I am happy that my two years of engineering prep have been time well spent. Now I am wondering which discipline in engineering is most needed in the Ocean Sciences. My feeling is that majoring in ME with a minor or emphasis in EE is a good path, since it seems like there's a lot of hands-work awaiting in these labs. But if anyone has experience or advice to offer please help. What is the best, most rigorous path that will lead to the greatest opportunities in OE?

    I know MIT has an undergrad OE program, and I'm sure other schools do too. I like the sound of those because they seem like a mix of EE, ME, and Civil!!! Best to try for that or focus on ME or EE BS first? Or maybe physics!?
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    THis past summer I did an REU with an Oceanographer, he started as a ME if that helps. I think as long as you take E&M, Fluid Mechanics, Stat Therm physics, and PDE's you should be ok.
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    Thanks NeoZeon, those are all things I've done or plan to take. What was your REU like, what were your feelings about oceanography?
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