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Homework Help: Ocean Heat Capacity

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    If a heat flux of of 3W/ meter squared covered the 3.6 X 10^14 meters squared ocean surface and contributed only to a change in temp, how many years to raise average temp of ocean 1 degree C?
    I calculated the specific heat of seawater which is 4,000 joules. I am stuck!:surprised
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    What units make up a Watt?

    Also, the units for specific heat are going to be [tex]\frac{J}{kg*K}[/tex]
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    Watt= 1 joule/sec
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    I'm confused with the time aspect of energy.

    I multiplied (3W)(3.6x10^14)=1.08 x 10^15W = 1.08 x10^15 joules/ sec
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    (3.6 x 10 ^14)(4000) = 1.44 x 10^18 m^2joules is energy required

    I figured t(1.08x10^15)=1.44 x 10^18

    But I know this isn't right.
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    Sorry I had to leave you last night...

    Look at the units of what you are doing. You said you calculated Cp for seawater. Where did you get that, especially since it's units are incorrect?
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