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Oceans Found to Absorb Half of All Man-Made Carbon Dioxide

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I should have included this in the original quote
    No free rides?
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    Well it seems that the alarmists and the publishers have their free rides again. GMAB :yuck:

    How convenient that the global warmists overlooked that tiny but well known detail in the general global carbon cycle a decade or so ago, then they could use it to offer their scary scenarios, now they can use it for their retreat now, as apparently the global warming has stopped .

    Any idea what the ratio between CO2 in the air and in the ocean water is and what numbers we are talking about? I'll check later. Maxed out at the moment.

    Then there is the chemical buffer effect, more CO2 dissolves more limestone that brings the pH back up again. Balance will be restored quickly. It has happened many times in the past with much more catastrophic pH changes like the clathrate gun 55 million years ago.

    Perhaps somebody remembers at last that carbon dioxide is going around in a cycle. If the flux in one part of the cycle increases, eventually the whole cycle will speed up preventing accumulation. The carbon in the sea will help restore biomass (after emptying the oceans with fishing) and eventually it will end up as clathrate, waiting for the next explosion to restart the cycle.

    But in the mean time we could amuse ourselves by counting the errors in that article.
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    If carbon dioxide produced by humans since the industrial revolution has dissolved into the world's oceans, has the other half been consumed by forests, since the level has only slighly been modified and the increase seems to be due to deforestation?
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