Oceans working as a buffer

  1. Does anyone have any reliable information about how oceans work as a buffer?

    I'm not sure if 'buffer' is the correct word, but with buffer i mean a substance, which exists out of a weak acid and it's conjucated base in an equal scale.

    I thank you in advance,

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    "Buffer" is a very good word. In large part, the oceans are in equilibrium- adding, say, acid, causes some of the salts in the ocean (and also in the mud at the bottom of the ocean- a major storehouse of chemicals) to react and neutralize the acid.

    I'm not saying its not possible for idiotic humans to overwhelm that system but the ocean is definitely our friend.
  4. Thanks HallsofIvy, but what I meant was does anyone know a good site where I can find lots of information about this, because I need it before Friday (20-02-'04)

    I thank you in advance,

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