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Ocr 2006 Planning Exercise

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    hi guys am really stuck as i wer off clg ill for quite a while so and desperately need help with what to do as i have not even got a clue where to start! THE QUESTION IS:

    In this planning exercise you are required to design an experiment, using a sensor and datalogging equipment, to investigate how the time taken for the amplitude of a vibrating sheet of aluminium to halve, varies with the magnetic flux density of the field in which the sheet is placed. Draw a diagram showing how your chosen equipment would be arranged. In your account, you should give details of

    a) How the magnetic field would be produced, measured and varied

    b) How the magnetic field would be orientated with respect to the vibrating sheet

    c) How the amplitude of vibration of the sheet would be measured

    d) The procedure to be followed in the investigation

    e) Any particular features of your design that may ensure the accuracy of your equipment

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    Tom Mattson

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    Please use English, not chat room speak or whatever this is.

    I think your teacher responded to this question on another message board.

    http://forum.physorg.com/index.php?showtopic=5572 [Broken]
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