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Octave: M-Files

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    Hello everyone.

    I recently had to use Octave on campus, and I noticed they had a newer version from the last time I used it. The interface is very much more like that of MATLAB's, with the history, file directory etc. on the left-hand side; but most importantly, it allowed you to have an 'edit' page for writing scripts and M-files, like MATLAB, which you can run from the 'input' page (sorry I don't know the technical terms.).

    The version I have on my laptop is 2.9, so does anybody know which version of Octave this was they had on campus, or is there some way I can update my version so it is more like this?
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    Dr Transport

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    You should be able to go to the web site and download an updated .rpm and install it.
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    Im sorry, I'm not so hot with computers- what is this .rpm you talk about?
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    I don't know what operating system you use, but the current stable version of Octave is 3.0.1, available for several different systems here:

    By the way, an .rpm is a package for the Redhat Package Manager - Most linux distributions have package management systems so that you don't have to compile the software yourself.
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