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Octave on Fedora

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    Hi all,
    I'm using Fedora 16 and installed Octave thru Yum.
    There is an example in the Octave manual of using Octave with C++ and it #includes a oct.h file.
    However, the Fedora build may not have compiled the oct.h library ? or I'm searching in the wrong places.
    Has anyone had any experience of this and does anyone know or can suggest a workaround ?
    Just point me in a direction if you can please.
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    Hey DonaldD and welcome to the forums.

    You should note that header files are never compiled: only source files with a .c, .cpp, or similar are compiled.

    Header files are usually packed only with definitions and even if they do include any code, they are never compiled into a source object file so if you are worried about compilation issues with this .h, you don't need to.

    Can you point us to a link regarding this header file and information?
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    Just got a reply from another forum. solved it. There was a missing library.
    I know, the header is not compiled. It's just a textual definition file. Just the way I worded it.
    If you still want to look at this, it's in the Octave manual, either the Homepage or on sourceforge
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