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October 21 2015 (Hoverboards)

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    From a purely science FACT, not science FICTION, point of view, will we have Hoverboards by October 21 2015.
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    Like in the movie? That's a pretty easy question to answer -- no.
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    Yes i'm talking about the movie.

    How about in a controlled environment? and indoor arena, magnetic floors or something???

    Are we that far off?
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    No, not at all like the move.

    But here is something you might find interesting on a much smaller, more limited scale:

    (The term "Quantum" in "Quantum Levitation" used in the title/opening I think is a little misleading. But here you go anyway.)

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    Very cool, I have seen that clip, so I guess that is where we are now.

    I guess we are a life time off, from even standing in a control environment on something, (that something for lack of a better word, floats)

    I've seen a clip from that French artist Nils Guadagnin, he used magnets and lasers, and was able to balance something that weight 5 pounds on top of a hoverboard.
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    Chi Meson

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    Tesla invented hoverboards a hundred years ago!

    Of course!
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    Three more years.

    October 21st 2015 is the day, the greatest
    day in the History of Earth, no day on
    earth will be happier for all the earth's humans.

    You see October 21 2015 is the day that (according
    to the movie back to the future 2) we finally get

    Sure, here on October 21 2012, some physics
    professors,such as Michio Kaku might say, "We
    aren't that advanced yet and we won't have
    Hoverboards by 2015"

    Well I say "Not with that attitude"

    I believe in Marty, Doc and Jennifer, I believe
    the date October 21 2015 was picked for a
    reason, I believe that on every corner of the
    planet, we will have Hoverboards, some
    might even have pitbulls, and the future
    will be here.

    We won't have flying cars, or clothes that
    dry themselves, or any other gadget like
    that, but we will have HOVERBOARDS!

    So to the world's scientist's, to the Geeks,
    to the engineers, to the brainiest people
    on earth, stop worrying about creating
    what you have been creating, it is now, October
    21 2012, you have three more years, three
    more years, till you give the people of earth,
    the greatest invention in HISTORY.






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