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Octopi use bipedal locomotion

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    Ivan Seeking

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    They are pretty amazing creatures, and the Einstein of the invertabrates. Octopi can not only capable of learning through conditioning, but also by watching others.
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    After viewing a video of it, I realised just how darn cute they are. Such clever actors!
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    :smile: only you hypatia.

    I saw the video this morning on the news. Pretty interesting what those creatures are capable of. They can even squish their bodies into bottles! The animal kindom never ceases to amaze the rest of us.
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    Those cute sneaky little invertebrae~! hehehe that video clip just resulted in me clutching my stomach cause of how hard I was laughing!
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    It is pretty funny to watch. Looked like he/she? tripped a couple of times...hope it doesn't need a bandaid. :smile: It was pretty cute though. The fact they are so mobile and have no vertebrate amazes me.
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