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Odd Black Hole Defies Explanation : space.com

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "Odd Black Hole Defies Explanation": space.com

    http://space.com/scienceastronomy/blackhole_medium_040608.html [Broken]
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    any massive body can gravitationally collapse into a black hole. the mass and distance limits are well known. the consequences are not yet predictable.
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    Huhmm?..It seems that the only way to detect 'Blackholes' is to find the 'Light' that theoretically should 'NOT' be emminating from a BH!..so consequently most of the Blackholes detected so far have been really 'White-Holes' due to the enormous enegetic luminous outpourings, co-incidence?

    The quoted author from the link tells me that he does not actually know the difference between a young stella object's creationary period (timescale) and the intermediate lifespan of a comparable early Galactic Star?

    Q:How long does it take to produce a Star that matches the Mass of the "detected" Blackhole, What is the predected Stella Lifespan?

    Q:How long does it take to produce a Blackhole that Matches an early 'baby' Stella Object, can the Blackhole's current Mass, reveal anything about the Star's lifespan that is proposed to have created it, is there a 'Time-stamp' to suggest how old the Star was at the instant it created the 'current-BH'?
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    Actually I found some recent papers that have highlighted this very problem, for those that are interested:




    Three very interesting papers!
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