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Medical Odd experience (mature)

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    Warning: mature subject matter!

    It was my birthday yesterday and I got a special unexpected gift. Kinda of embarrassing to ask a doctor especially if it's not something dire, so I though maybe I could ask you guys. I was given a special massage...orally...Which for me is extremely you know...*points up wards*

    It was not my first time, and all the time I have had one, nothing ever out of the ordinary. Except this time my face started to tingle and sweat. It stop after I calmed down a bit, and even those it precluded to other activities, it seems like I was perfectly fine afterwords.

    My wory is that I smoke and my circulation is par at best (well havent tested it but have issues with it) with my family background of cardiovascular issues

    I apologize for the subject manner, but I don't want to go to a doctor and have it being like intense arousal or something.


    I am currently 26 years old since yesterday...If this helps.
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    When was your last check-up? You should be comfortable enough with your doctor so that it's not "embarrasing" to talk to him/her about anything. It's your health, man, and you need to be honest with your health care providers so that they can help you the best possible. There are privacy laws in place (at least in the US, and I'd imagine many other places), so you don't need to worry about your doc talking to your friends about you or something.

    I'd recommend seeing your doctor and asking for a stress ECG test on a treadmill. And finding a way to stop smoking would probably be a good thing as well.
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    Trust me, doctors have heard of BJ's before.

    - Warren
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    I'm from Canada so yeah I should just get it checked out at a walk in clinic or something.I don't currently have a family doctor. If that were the case it would be easier to talk about those things. It's just with someone I never met....kinda odd to talk about sex. I guess I have no choice.

    Thanks. just want an opinion to make sure I was being rational about it. I have anxiety disorders, so sometimes I can warp reality pretty good. :S
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    women often get a "flush" from orgasm. upper chest, ears, etc. get red.
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    I think this has been resolved, there's nothing wrong with talking to your doctor about a cardiovascular check-up, especially when you are a smoker with a family history of cardiovascular disease.
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