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Odd graph

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    I came across this weird graph from another thread:


    It seems that there is a root y=0 for the domain x=[2,4].
    I've never seen such weird behaviour on a graph before. How could analysis of this function (or not?) determine that there is a root for all values [itex]2\leq x\leq 4[/itex]?
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    That does seem weird, but I have figured out what is going on.

    The expression under the radical is the square of (x2-6x+8). So that expression (including the square root) is simply the absolute value of (x2-6x+8).

    They cancel whenever (x2-6x+8) is negative, which happens for 2<x<4.
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    Nice one Redbelly :smile:
    I like this new little trick, it seems so nifty hehehe

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