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Odd man out

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    Plasmolysis, diffusion, osmosis, imbibition

    My Reason: its the shrinkage of cell. The rest are process involved in the transport of water
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    jim mcnamara

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    This really looks like homework.
    Plasmolysis is the result of exosmosis.
    Diffusion is how osmosis waorks - diffusion of water
    osmosis - well that's a cousin to the other two above
    imbibition - does not involves osmosis - and is the absorption of water by a solid or a gel resulting in swelling, like the seed coat puffing up during germination.

    From this you get your answer.

    Next time consider:
    1. using the homework forums
    2. using the index of your text to get definitions of terms you do not understand.
    This is nothing more than understanding definotions.
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