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Odd square wave oscillator

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    I found a schematic from the internet that was claimed to generate a square waveform at a decent frequency. I built the thing but it doesn't seem to work at all.

    I'll attach a picture of the schematic. Could you tell me what's wrong with it and if there is any other relatively easy way to make a square wave oscillator?
    I really don't like running to my electronics store to get every little component.. The clerk already knows me by name.. :D

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    You could just use a 555 timer IC -- that's a common way to do a simple oscillator. Or you could use a 74HC4060 combination oscillator and divider chip.
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    ok, thanks.

    Heh.. I looked into it. I thought, it'd be a lot more complicated.
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    Berkeman is right, much easier to use 555 and those "schematics" from the net usually never work, since they are put together by amateurs, not engineers.
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