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Oddness in library

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    matt grime

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    Here's a post I tex'ed up. When I did it it looked fine. Now I get no tex displaying except in the summary part. Clicking on the first ? in a square in the main section yields badly formed tags with ctex rather than tex. But clicking on edit shows only well formed mark up.

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    I too have experienced the same bug, it usually happens when someone edits a field containing latex. However, it usually sorts itself out if you edit the field, but don't change anything and then click save.

    The ctex tags themselves don't seem to affect the rendering.
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    it works!

    It works!

    Used it on Crazy Tosser's "uncertainty principle".

    Thanks Hoot! :smile:
    What is ctex?

    Why does it appear on the page, even though it isn't even in the edit code afterwards?
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