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Odds or luck

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    Have you ever noticed some times a journey through town can be quicker than other times?
    I do not mean what time of day you chose to travel, it can be the same time every day.
    just that some times you hit every traffic light just as it has turned red and there are hold ups on every pedestrian crossing.
    Other days one can (sail) through, hit every light on green and the pedestrian crossings are clear, is it odds or luck?
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    There's no difference between "odds" and "luck".
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    odds or luck? It's worse, it's statistics
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    There ought to be. For instance, when I enter the casino in my white tux, a drop-dead gorgeous dame on my arm, (the part of ddgd is played by my wife) I know what the odds are. There's one chance in 3 that it will come up cherries. I play the penny slots on account of the high maintanance ddgd. I drop my hard earned cent into the slot anyway hoping that luck will overtake the odds and two cents will drop into the tray. I pull the handle and invoke St. Goldberg's blessing. My head spins. The first drum lands on cherry. I cast a wary glance at the old bat. The second drum stops. It's another cherr..., no it clicks on a 7. Sweat starts to drip from my forehead, my hands are numb, the third drum stops. It's a cherry. Yahoo! The ddgd is kissing me like a wildcat. I'm going to get lucky tonight.
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    You'll only know you were lucky when St. G returns and demands your appreciation in the form of a large donation to the Church of St. G of the Glittery Pants.
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