MATLAB Ode 23 problems in matlab

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Hi, I want to solve an ODE in matlab using ode23 and ode23s to compare results. I've written a code and it seems to work fine for ode23s, I even tried it for ode 23t and ode45 but for some reason when I use ode23 I get an error message.

This is the code I've been using;

function hode23seg

[T,Y]=ode23(@yprime1,[0 20],1);
[T2,Y2]=ode23s(@yprime1,[0 20],1);

function dy=yprime1(t,y)

The error message is

??? Error using ==> ode23
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> hode23seg at 3
[T,Y]=ode23(@yprime1,[0 20],1);

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?


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