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ODE for 2 RC circuits in series

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    Dear all,

    I have problem to find the differential equation for my circuit shown in the attached picture.

    For input I have a current source, and the output is the voltage U (the voltage between the first and the ground node). I need the ODE to find the mathematical response of the system.

    Thank you very much for all answers.


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    Part of your picture has been cut off so we cannot see some of the data. Thus will actually be a sytem of equations, or a matrix equation, not a single equation, with a different equation (or line of the matrix) for each "side" of the circuit. I believe I count 6 such equations.
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    Hi Hallsoflvy,

    thank you very much for your reply.

    Yes, I know that the picture is cut off, just because the data is not important. Actually, I am not interested in any numerical values, the component values on the picture is only for some simulation to check the correctness of the formula that I will get, but unfortunately so far I didn't get the formula that I need.

    Also, I know that there will be more equations to solve the circuit. But at the end, I am interested i only one equation that will give me the answer of the system (the output voltage), according the input of the system (applied current). If I describe the system with this kind of ODE, I can get the system's response for any different input current. That is what I need, but I have some problems to construct this ODE :) Hope someone can help me :)

    Thanks a lot,
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