ODE plotting in Maple ARG!

  1. So I was given the following problem to do in maple:

    In one ty-graph plot the solutions of y' = cos(pi*ty) for a sequence of 21 equally distributed initial points y(0) between 0 and 4. Hint: You
    may use commands such as seq, dsolve, numeric, odeplot and display.

    I started off with:
    Then, I did:
    This just gives a blank space, which Im pretty sure means maple cant find an answer.
    From reading some examples online and from the hint above I think I may need to include numeric in dsolve but I cant get that to work without an initial condition.

    I also know the sequence will obviously be 0..4,0.2 but then I dont understand what it means by the y(0) part.

    Any help in putting this plot together is much appreciated
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