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Of science and technology

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    Quantum computers will someday function and give results we expect them to give or not.

    Does the progress of science ultimately lead us to the situation that almost everything humanly imaginable becomes possible through technology? Would that situation be called "enough technological progress" - and then what?
    Will it become more and more only matter of beliefs and moral values of a community how to utilize the knowledge?
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    It's like saying when we have a unlimited supply of water we will never fell thirsty again. Humans are limited by physical conditions, we only see in some spectrum, hear in another, and our brain in another, but i guess we will always be thirsty for more and more knowledge, or to perfect what was made.
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    Certainly not - that would require the suspension of the laws of the natural world. Science is what tells us what is not possible! (ie, travel faster than the speed of light).

    That is a very rambling and largely incoherent post... perhaps you could try again?
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    The exponential, unstoppable, advance of technology is a common fantasy.

    See Kurzweil's Singularity, Tipler's Omega Point, McKenna's timewave, de Chardin's Noosphere.

    But no predictions should be taken seriously unless they are models properly grounded in the second law of thermodynamics.
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    I think tech and science will progress as long as we have imagination to continue.

    I firmly believe that if we get to the point where we are actually hindered by the speed of light we will find a way around it. I don't think anything is truly impossible. We just don't know how to do it yet.

    I wonder how long until we stop worrying about how some new tech will end the world and instead worry about how some new tech will end the galaxy/universe. : )
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