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Of What Importance Are Depth Perception Tests?

  1. Jun 24, 2012 #1

    I'm no student of physics but like to read this forum from time to time. I happened on a thread about depth perception and how we can't easily imagine what our world would look like without it and the topic went off on a small tangent of depth-perception "tests". So I tried most of them, including touching pointer fingers with one eye closed, etc. I was able to quickly do these things without thinking and the only thing that looked different was that objects moved slightly over.

    What is the correct way to do the "touching fingers" test and what does it mean if you can do depth-perception tests as if you are using both eyes? Does it mean your brain is a little better at analyzing and compensating or does it mean that your depth perception is poor in the first place? I do have problems driving at night b/c I can't easily see what is ahead and how far it is as well as problems tripping over things I think are farther away. I had an exam not long ago and my vision was great, no lazy eye or anything either (she also did the eye cover test to see if my eye rolled back...my sister and brother inherited this problem to a severe degree and I sometimes worry my eye is doing it).

    Thanks for any help!
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