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Off the shelf?

  1. Dec 1, 2011 #1
    What would be the best way to produce 2,000 volts at a low amperage using 12V as the power source? I guess I just want to produce 2000 volts at a low amperage in a mobile environment?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Don't know about "best" but ... Van der Graaf generator? Tesla Coil?
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    What is the application? What is your background working with high voltages?
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    Use is killing Insects, and I have never worked with high voltage.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Oh what a shame :( because - oh well...

    Oh well - if you can get 12V AC, you can use cascading diodes and caps as a voltage multiplier.
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    To read up on the basics, visit these sites:



    Be sure you learn about the dangers of HV and the proper safety measures.

    To purchase HV modules, parts, and study design guidelines, see:


    High Voltage can kill people! (as well as insects) Do not experiment with HV devices unless you are sure all safety precautions are observed. If you have any doubt, you MUST consult with a qualified engineer/teacher…before risking your life or the life of others.
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