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Off to College!

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    Well, looks like I'll be starting school in about 3 weeks at the University of Arizona here in Tucson. As long as all my financial aid stuff gets approved by the VA in time at least. I'll be majoring in Astronomy unless I decide to change over to Optical Engineering in the future.

    Wish me luck!
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    Good luck! I think you will do great! I had a friend who went to UA and he loved it there.
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    Have fun man! Stick to astronomy though it's too awesome to leave behind :D
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    Good luck and clear skies.
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    Good luck, Drakkith. I'm sure you'll do well.
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    UA has a great optical engineering program...possibly the best in the country.
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    They make mirrors there for prominent observatories and orbiting observatories. If you acquit yourself well, you may get into some interesting programs as an undergrad - great experience. Best of luck - you'll do fine, but keep your eyes peeled for opportunities, too. I hope you have fun.
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    Keep us posted, and congrats!
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