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Off topic posts moved from Forum Rules Quite Obstructive thread.

  1. May 13, 2008 #1
    Off topic posts moved from "Forum Rules Quite Obstructive" thread.

    And I keep receiving infractions by Moonbear. He locked a thread started by me on unclear grounds. I started a new thread giving more details and also explaining (at the end of the post) my reasons why I disagreed with Moonbear (my PM to him went unanswerd). Moonbear's reaction: He removed that thread and slapped me with even more infraction points for reposting a locked thread.

    So, were do I appeal against Moonbear's dictatorial behavior here?
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    Count, you're referring to your thread where you asked if you could attach a severed head to someone else's neck until another body could be found to re-attach it to.

    I have to agree with Moonbear's actions.
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    You should should deal with this via PM between Moonbear and yourself. If you're unclear why she deleted the thread ask for her to explain it again. Although I'm sure her initial PM would have been quite clear.
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    Evo, I referred to two animal experiments that were performed. I provided a link to Time magazine and to wikipedia. The question I asked was well defined.

    Moonbear said that the posting was overly speculative, but PF forum rules say something different, see here:


    The experiments I posted about are not disputed by anyone. It's not crackpot it is not a personal theory, nothing of the sort.

    When I just reposted a reformulated version, Moonbear again removed that thread and slapped me with even more infractions for "reposting a locked thread", even though I put in some effort to explain myself better and because Moonbear did not reply to my PM a detailed response why I disagree with him locking that thread.

    But if this is how things are done at PF, then I think the forum rules should explicitely include a clause that says that Moonbear has the disgression to remove postings and slap people with infractions as he sees fit. :mad:
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    I did PM Moonbear but she did not reply. She keeps on slapping me with infractions without giving me a chance to get a fair hearing.
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    This is NOT the place to air your grievances over a specific thread action. Reposting deleted topics DOES incur a new infraction. Overly speculative topics are not permitted here either. I have responded to your PMs (no, I do not respond instantly to every PM I receive). There is nothing more to discuss on this here. Your questions went WAY beyond the original experiments performed...overly speculative. Period.
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    Our guidelines say
    Neither Time magazine or Wikipedia qualify. Since Moonbear teaches at a medical school, she is certainly the most qualified person here to state whether what you were discussing is credible. If I remember correctly your articles were about experiments on dogs and monkeys, but you asked if this could be done with humans, which the answer is, not at this time, not even attaching a newborn human baby's head to the mother's neck, which I believe you asked about.
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    And one final quote from the guidelines:

    Your question is not regarding a policy, but is regarding one specific incident and, as such, should be addressed via PM (if it has not already been discussed to death). Thread closed.
    Last edited: May 13, 2008
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