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Off topic prolblem

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    Hej i have seached the web thin... without reslut so I hope that you smart people can help me :D

    I want to make a little flash bang for my amature street magic tricks, that I want to give a little extra effect :D

    I have found alot of places where people shows how to make them. But my problem with them is that the all have one thing incomment.. and that is fire! What i need is help to make a little flash bang that explode when it comes in contact with anything hard. fx the ground.

    can someone please help me with some ideers? I will really love the imputs...
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    It's against the PF Rules to allow discussions regarding how to make explosives (see the Rules link at the top of the page), so we'll be watching this thread to be sure it doesn't go there.

    Having said that, there may be other, relatively safe ways to generate the effect you want. Have you checked out magic stores and websites to see what they offer? I've also seen kids playing with "popper" things -- they were annoying, but seemed relatively safe. Also, there are some small cap-gun things that you could probably adapt to do what you want. I've seen little bomb-shaped things about 3-4cm in length that you load a standard 2mm plastic cap in (from the cap-guns that use those type of caps). You could come up with some disposable way to do the same thing.
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