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Im getting a new laptop sometime soon, the thing is that ms office is setting me back a bit. I was wondering if there are any free office equivalents that anyone here has experience with? I guess at most I'd use powerpoint and word if thats any help at all.
Here is one" [Broken]. You can also find occassionally past issues of Wordperfect Office Suite for about $15.00
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Do you have any experience with it Artman? I cant download it atm, I dont have a pc of my own right now.
I've used OpenOffice for a few years. It's quite impressive for freeware. Handles docs well enough. but I have run into some formatting problems going between openoffice and ms office.
It came on one of my computers once, an Emachine with Windows ME that I still have, but rarely use. It seemed pretty good to me. I was pleased to find it had a graphics program as well (like coredraw or MS Picture-it).

I didn't use Open Office much because I also have a legal copy of Wordperfect Office Suite which I preferred, but it looked pretty good for a free program.


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Another vote for Open Office.
Open Office really is the best free option IMO.

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