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Offline Search Engines?

  1. Apr 7, 2007 #1
    So I want to look for specific characters within my .html and .txt files offline. But even when I google offline search engine, I can't find a suitable search engine. Windows Vista Search doesn't seem to have a search engine that works for strings within particular files (it just seems to work for filenames).
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    I haven't used Vista, I'm running xp, but in the xp search there is a box to search for a phrase within files... anyone with vista want to comment?
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    The first thing I would try is the XP search mentioned above. Then I would probably check out Google desktop search or program one to do it myself.
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    There is a "find" command in windows xp's command window. Try going to start, run, type in "cmd," then type "find /?" and see if this will work for you if the "search for a phrase within files" suggestion doesn't work right for you.

    Actually, here's the printout from running "find /?"
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